At the end of last week, sitting at my desk in West Ocean City, the windows and doors suddenly shook with a boom. Everyone was speculating the possibilities…a blown transformer, gas line explosions and sonic booms, and now possibly the first of many test explosions in a field in Newark, MD.

Hardwire LLC is located in Pocomoke, MD and manufactures composite armor systems, a product that is desperately needed in this age of decade-long wars overseas. They have been approved by the Worcester County Board of Zoning Appeals to test that armor at a rifle range located in Newark, MD. No one is stating that these tests are not required to be sure that the armor they have created can protect our soldiers at war, but the question is how did this pass without much knowledge of residents, and why does that have to be the location for the testing?

For reference – that peninsula to the right is South Point. Just out of view to the right is Assateague Island. Rt. 113 is running diagonally across the upper left corner. Berlin is to the north and Snow Hill is to the south.

Hardwire was approved for testing on weekdays during business hours, up to six times a week and no more than twice daily, with a limit of 25 pounds of explosives per test. The aerial map above shows the sound from the blast zone, with South Point residents hearing the testing at 120 Db.

Here are some articles that have been written regarding the testing:
Berlin residents plot legal action on bomb testing
Hardwire explosions will be louder than a rifle shot

To join the fight, here is a petition that is being signed.
President, Board of County Commissioners: Say “no” to military testing near Assateague Island, MD

To follow the progress of the fight, visit Seashore NOT C4 on Md’s Coastal Bays