After reading and watching about the Occupy Wall Street protests and how they are spreading. Some may  look at these protests and shrug them off as left leaning extremists. Even more powerful to me then the actual physical protesters, has been the blog WeAreThe99Percent. Every day there are new entries of those who are struggling, they cross all age groups and lifestyles, and each one can be identified with on some level.

Another perspective is from Michael Skolnick from The Global Grind. Simply stated at the end of his article, We got 99 problems but greed ain’t one.

Looking for more information on the protests, to gain different perspective then just what CNN or Fox may report, I came across an article by Deepak Chopra about his experience heading into the heart of the protest in New York City. This quote struck me..

“Right now Wall St. is the pure culture of money at its most selfish, greedy, and anti-social. If you aren’t angry about that, you aren’t breathing.” –Deepak Chopra