The Return of Little Fridays ( Which is Thursday) at Seacrets Jamacia USA

I remember about 10 years ago before the Morley Hall at Seacrets existed and we where relatively new to the area.  Off season was even more desolate than it is now and there was that fun, but sometimes unnerving feeling of being locked in the  amusement park (Ocean City) overnight ( all fall and winter)
On several occasions back then I would love to go see bands play at Seacrets (What? A local going to Seacrets?) We’d party on a small little stage in what is now a dining room and it was intimate and fun .  Times change and holding on to the past is a tough proposition, so it time to move on.

Well,  Seacrets has grown, like all of us in one way or another.  Some people like to hate on growth or change, as evidenced by the recent changes in the largest social engagement tool.  Similarly some people have felt Seacreats of late, is too big or too touristy for locals.    I think change is good , however, throwbacks can be fun,  so for the month of Oct I’ll be hosting “Little Friday Party” on Thursday nights at Seacrets.  So im putting the call out  –  Come Back to Jamaica…… USA.
I hope it will be like and old school good time with all time good music – reggae.rock, ska and hip pop.