Stormwater Management Photo ContestBoycott the Weather.  This weekends forecast is a grim one, high school football games are likely to be cancelled, the SunFest will be a fest of deep fried stuff and Crafts from bused-in vendors but no sun…(can you tell I’m not worried about them). Conversely, the Berlin Fiddlers Convention might also happen to be a wash,  foot stomping in a puddle is possible but not pleasant, and this saddens me.  There is also the car show, H2O in town, reports of douchebags under tents to watch traffic are wide spread.
All this after a Bike Week was a wash and included a tornado in OC and a couple weeks after Hurricane Irene forced lots of people to batten down the hatches and lose business in one of the last important weeks of summer.  Its easy to complain about the weather, it is the one thing that we all have the same base of knowledge on, and a for some reason a short term memory for.  You might recall that we had an entire summer with no rain on the weekends, pretty good for business and good for the moods of the locals after a cool winter with more snow than we had seen since …..wait the year before?!??

The weather –  Is what it Is, deal with it.  Good times can be had in both rain or shine, the measure of a fun life is the ability to adapt to all situations.  Therefore I will continue to boycott the weather  and not talk about it any more in the form of a complaint or even as the lowest form of small talk.  Most importantly it won’t stop me from going out and having a good time..  Which this weekend will include checkin out some bands like Bond and Bentley at the Steer Inn, and/or the Saltwater String Band at Buxy’s, and Galaxy Collective at 28th Street Pit n Pub tonight.  Checkin out Berlin tomorrow day, My radio show at Ocean 98.1 and DJ ing at the Pit and Pub Tomorrow night, and sitting on the front porch on Sunday.  Ahhh my futures so bright…….