We are planning on continuing the Local Challenge, by shining a light on different aspects of local and the ways we can all support our community more. If you have a business or organization that you believe is a good example of what the Local Challenge is, please contact us for future columns.

A lot has happened over the course of the last month with the property we purchased over on Baker Street in Berlin. Hurricane Irene made a visit, and spared the home. Some branches fell in the back yard, but luckily fell on the part of the roof that was already in need of repair. Even though we made it through the hurricane unscathed, we suffered a loss the next. Mr. Hammond, our champion for the Humphreys House becoming ours, died in a tragic car accident that has left the Town of Berlin with a void. Makes me so sad to think that we don’t get to share in the renovation process with Mr. Hammond. I do hope to meet other members of the Humphreys Foundation to show them the tender loving care we are putting back into the home, restoring another property in our great town of Berlin.

I consider this part of the local challenge, as we are bringing back to life a beautiful structure that has existed within the Town of Berlin for over 100 years, and making it a family home yet again, rather then building a new home in an outlying area. We are not gutting the house, but taking out some damaged plaster, removing the old kitchen that was last renovated in the 1960’s and updating the bathroom fixtures. We are keeping the beautiful old windows and will restore them one at a time, as well as the doors. In keeping with our original Local Challenge, we will also be restoring the chicken house and get our own laying hens. Not only will they supply us with fresh eggs, but they can also rid the yard of insects!