A couple items came across my heads up display this morning.  One a story about the the Ocean City Managers job in question. It raised a question in my mind what we need verses what we want.  The second was Bull dogs interview with an author about entitled kids and kids that have no value in the things that they are given by their parents.  Again the same thought crossed my mind and as I pulled up the gym that I pay for and never go the run on a tread mill, while it is perfectly good day to be running out side.  I put my I pod-in  (wow, I really need to upgrade…cause its like a couple years old) As i got into my run i began to consider my own wants verse needs.

A New Camera –  for creating more dynamic video content for you of course
An Intern – for inputting all the events that I want
New Shorts – I actually have a gift card for this but haven’t used it
A Personal Shopper  – to use the gift card i have to get me want I want
DJ Equipment Upgrade- cause its wedding season and video Dj is the next frontier
An Old  Motor cycle – duh its a week before bike week
A Couple Inches – In height (get your mind out of the gutter) statistically people who are 6 ft or taller are more successful.
A Beach Cottage  – I love Colinwood, a little garden of Eden in Ocean city.
A Politician  – that is a leader
College Tuition for all my kids – it make me sick to think about this one
Super powers – doesn’t matter what type, its the kid in me that still fantasizes about it

Nothing …………

oh, maybe  this one
For you to have some Good Clean Fun