It was a tough week for my co-host Todd DeHart of in lots of ways but the aspect that got him down the most was his blogger status. While there aren’t any bad feelings between bloggers and print writers, there is a certain feeling that print has credibility that Internet writing lacks. Todd had his first experience where someone saw a story that had come out weeks after his but they got the recognition.
Although it took as some time to get there, the bottom line is in order to post something on the Internet, one doesn’t even need a computer, only a library card. You are reading this right now because I am paid to write it. There is a staff and an economic stake and an editorial process that keeps me honest and makes sure what goes into print is as accurate and fair as it can be.
Bloggers never have someone say, “Why do you think anyone would read that?” because clicking off and clicking through is still part of the Internet culture. Here, where space is precious, it is a question we have to ask every day. True, sometimes my stories are not nearly as interesting to you as I thought they would be, but that comes from guessing wrong, not from lack of interest. I hate having my time wasted and try to keep from wasting yours (political coverage aside).
We also said a fond farewell to Ed Hammond, who both Todd and I knew professionally but not personally. During the last Atlantic Hotel turnover, mine were among the apparently thousands of calls Hammond fielded on the matter. I caught him late and at dinner and he kind of laid into me. When he was done he said he wasn’t trying to be curt but the whole thing (reporters calling) made him a little grumpy.
My story that week began: Ed Hammond is getting a little grumpy.
I’m pretty sure he got a kick out of it because he was more jovial with me after that, as if we’d shared a joke. Finally we got out all of our frustrations about the Maryland uniform scandal. I fell squarely on the side of “I don’t care, even a little bit” and Todd and our guests fell squarely on the side of “These uniforms are cool, stop whining.” There’s plenty more so make sure to catch it on the Internet as soon as you’re done reading.
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