There is a stunning home for sale in the charming little town of Berlin MD.  This modern farm house boasts all the things you need for small town living where entertaining is a priority.  The house located at 112 Ann court and is just minutes from downtown Berlin and a short drive to the Beaches of Ocean City and Assateague.  Most importantly this house has seen just about everything recently – it has survived an earthquake, a Hurricane, floods, and famine ( read Local Challenge) and come through it all unscathed.  In its brief 9 year history this house and the attached Bar has played host to Pirates, Politicians, Musicians, and worldly personalities.

The White trash party had cars on the lawn and pigs under the deck and lawnmower races.  The Headbangers Ball had pumpkin fights and Metal Karaoke.  The Pirate Party gave birth to the Pirate Bar which still stands today for a rum swilling good time.  Then there was the Great Gatsby Party with guest dressed in their finest whites only to be detained later in their darkest hour (a pardon from the Mayor was granted). And of course The Animal House party.

The blue house at the end of Ann court has served as a venue for House Concerts to beer tastings, neighborhood foot races to firework displays, Christmas family parties to New Years Eve adult parties, from mini ramp jams to sleep overs. 

This is not to mention the two dogs, two kids and a teenager that have called this house a home.

I built this house about 9 years ago and it has weathered about every storm imaginable (both human and nature made)  and without any permanent damage.  With all that is going on in the world right now don’t you owe it to yourself to own a slice of heaven that knows how to have a hell of a time.

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