Local Challenge Change-Up – Maryland Terps New Uniforms

So thought we would change it up a bit…We want to continue with the “local challenge” but instead of just concentrating on food and produce, we should concentrate on local business across the board. It has come to my attention that the season opener of the MD Terps football game against Miami actually attracted more attention to the new UMD uniforms then the actual game. As with any change, the public will express their opinions, both positive and negative. I for one, being born and raised in MD my whole life, LOVE the MD flag. My next tattoo is to involve the MD flag. So for me, these new graphically powerful uniforms make a statement. Show pride in your school, in turn show pride in the state.

I think the fact that these uniforms, created by Under Armor which in fact was created  by a University of MD alum, makes it all the better in my eyes! Great job to Under Armor for looking ahead, and being unique in the sense that why do all uniforms have to be primarily 2 colors? Why can’t such a small and diverse state be deserving of multiple colors and patterns, all representing the history of our great state?

In the end, University of MD in their season opener did in fact beat Miami…which is enticing to say the least …I may have to follow college football, as it seems to be the last great sports frontier…