Came across an article yesterday when logging into one of my email accounts, that was talking about the outcome of a court case where two adult children were suing their mother for being a “bad mother.” In the media circus that exists, and covers every stupid incessant story, actually deemed this story newsworthy. Some 20 year old and 23 year old suing their mother for $50,000 because they didn’t get money in their birthday cards? Or that she didn’t get the Homecoming dress she truly wanted? No care packages in college? What world do they live in? I would LOVE to know what career path they are headed for.

We are raising a generation of instant gratification, expectant kids whom will need to have their hands held to enter the real world, and if not, may just fail. I don’t know whats worse, that these ungrateful spoiled brats actually took their mother to court for something so petty, or that their FATHER was one of their 3 attorneys. Wow, no wonder they are such assholes, they were raised by one!