20 years ago…that seems like such a long amount of time but I can’t believe how quickly it passed. I don’t think I knew where I would be now, but I know I am happy with my place in life. Good friends, great family, career I love and plenty of ups and downs along the way.

20 years ago I graduated high school…this October will be celebrating that fact at our 20th Reunion back home and look forward to seeing people I have not seen in decades. I have remained in touch with some of my friends from childhood, and thanks to Facebook have reunited with others in recent history.

20 years ago a band released their first album, Pearl Jam Ten, and I consider their music to be a soundtrack to my life. The college years when it was new and exciting, the unknowns of life with the twists and turns. Now I look forward to hearing what else they come up with in future recordings. In celebration of their 20 year history, I cannot wait to watch the documentary by Cameron Crowe, a film genius in my mind. Take a peek at the trailer here:

Pearl Jam “Twenty” from Lightpress on Vimeo.

I look forward to reminiscing in the future, on what happened in this next 20 years. I am trying to learn to live in the moment, and yet it may be ok to remember the past at a time like this in my life. Music has had a huge influence on my life and I believe has brought me to where I am today. Music has inspired me to try new things, to take chances at times, to take it easy, and have brought me clarity when I have needed it most. The past 20 years have been almost a blur, but in taking some time to reflect has brought it to the forefront once again.

Enjoy! Live Better!