In Olden days breweries where more than just a place to go and have a cold one. They were the common meeting place for local residences to share news , conduct business and help shape the community that they are all tied too. The beer itself was a reflection of the local area.  Friday was a prime example as Burley Oak officially opened its doors for business.
It had been anxiously anticipated and when I got a message early Friday, from Bryan Brushmiller , that the final inspection was passed and the final licenses granted, I knew that we would not hesitate to open the doors for business.  Why would you let an earthquake earlier in the week and an impending hurricane deter him from opening. While everyone was bracing for the storm and being shuffled out of OC and parts of West OC, Bryan quietly opened his doors and sent the word out.  After we where locked down we headed to the high ground of the Burley Oak Brewery where we found the community news that the weather channel couldn’t give us from none other than the Mayor of Berlin.  The Dude  and Big Al Reno from Ocean 98 rolled out to check it out as well.  A steady crowd continued all night , and on Sunday when the waters receded, and the sun came out the bar was packed again.  I great start under extreme conditions is nothing short of Burley.