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I would say about 4 years ago, on my birthday we walked into the Sandbar in Ocean City and happened upon one of the most energetic and fun bands I had seen in a long while. Infectious beats causing Todd to breakdance, the rest of us hopping all over the makeshift dancefloor. We left the place with their latest CD at the time. Great music…and we have been lucky enough to catch them a couple more times recently playing about town. Fat Daddy Has Been, from Delaware, has played at the past couple BlockStock events, at the PartyBlock and we caught them once at Pickles Pub. I highly suggest you take a listen, especially if you enjoy dancing along to the music.

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Hometown: Newark, DE
Genres: Rock/Hip Hop/Reggae Ska
Label: Independent
Members: Marchitect Vocals; Donny Merril Drums; Steve Bailey Guitar, Vocals; Vince Cirino Bass, Vocals; JP Jones Trumpet; Brie Allen T. Sax, Andy Abrahams T & B Sax;
We are a 7 piece band touching on hip hop, rock, reggae and anything else we can get our hands into. Currently we play to fans all over the Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware regions. Taking into consideration the amount of people in the band we have an incredibly tight sound which pulls fans in and have been playing this way for over 10 years. Our new album, complete with Dice Raw from the Roots and The Last Emperor from Philadelphia, has hit the stands!