Continuing our food adventures with the kids for weekend Lunches, Nat the kids and I took in some Small plates and Flat bread pizza at BomBora located at 13th street on the Board walk.  BomBora which opened in the Spring in the Beach Plaza Hotel offers a fresh contemporary Cuisine that is like nothing else you would find on the board walk.  But don’t be scared the foot is familiar and savory and even suitable for a grumpy hungry 7yr old to try ( with some prodding)  we all sampled a number of different things including the Cali mar two ways , Sour orange Skirt steak, grilled shrimp Flat.
One of the signature items on the menu is the incredibly refreshing Summer Garden – made with Ssvedka citron vodka, cucumber liqueur, lemon, mint which my only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a Pint Glass. 

BBQ Shrimp

All this while sitting on the deep and relaxing front porch over looking the scenery of the beach and Board walk.  I looking for ward to frequently this place when the crowds die down and the Second season sets in.. not only that but the whole atmosphere and space of the lounge and bar just begs to have a swanky party. 

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