Living the Berlin Life – 2nd Friday Art Stroll

This past Friday was the 2nd Friday Art Stroll, and I don’t think we have had that beautiful of a night for the art stroll in months! The weather was enjoyable, and made for a longer night than usual. Beginning the night at Baked Dessert Cafe, where Little Chico had his art on display, we enjoyed peach sangria, peach bruschetta, peach salsa, homepage parmesean crackers with an amazing olive walnut spread. Our original plan was to grab dinner after the art show, but with all of that locally made deliciousness, we didn’t need to! There was a great turnout for the art show, and many passersby, walking and in cars alike, were stuck by the large creative imagery in the windows. After the show, many of us gathered on the front porch and front yard of the Atlantic Hotel and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Photos from 2nd Friday Art Stroll