Things you should’t do after you are 38.

” I’m too old for this Shit”

The notion has been kickin around a little bit  about what you are too old to do and or
Things that you shouldn’t do after a a man turns 30 , much less turning 38 like I did last week.  Now I’ve never been one to concern myself with age, I do believe it is just a number .  And as my friend Kathy Denk puts it “if years where 565 days, we would all be younger and maybe act accordingly.”        
So as much as I want to boycott talking about age (like I boycott talking about the weather)  I find myself refuting some items on a list that someone wrote.  Here are things that I think you are never too old to do…

Call people bro and dude and not ironically. 
Consistency helps here you really have to do it all the time to make it work and its easier than remembering some peoples names

Wear a hat backwards
Hats are so prevelant and arbitrary that I saw a rapper wearing Mickey Mouse ears and no one even noticed

Ride a skateboard
Not only is it a mode of environmentally friendly transportation, the guys who pioneered the lifestyle have never stopped, so why should anyone else

Maintain a rotation of odd facial hair. 
It just fun to have a mustache every once in a while 

Stay up late on week nights and make it into work the next morning.
 Working at night DJing and in between staying creative and fun with this website.

Go to your day job  in swim trunks
Of course it helps that it is all work related. its good work if you can get it.

I love my life and lifestyle and try to do my best to balance everything in the moment and ‘in the moment’ knows no age.