Gut Fish, Not Houses – Maryland Events

It happened this week….. The White Marlin Open – the biggest bill fishing tournement in the world, as of the time of this blog a boat from Ocean City  -Tighten up stands to win up to $800, 000  for an Eigty six and half pound fish.   Im not much of a fisherman , i’ve never been off shore, and dont have much interest in it ( probly due to my short attention span and the thought of being on a 12×12 deck for 8 hrs concerns me a little.  However I do enjoy the fanfare and spectacle of it all  and so I dont get beat up I often use the phrase ….I’m more of a freshwater fisherman, when people down at the docks start asking about results or specifics.

This I do know, $800k for a fish seems like a lot of money, but I hit the lottery in a different way this very week.  We have made the first GCFL purchase, not a new camera or equipment, not a VIP pass to the Foo Fighters (witch Nat would make an indecent proposal for) instead we bought a 100 year old home in Berlin , the town that we love. 6 Baker Street is located in a perfect triangulation of the Taylor House Museum , the farmers market and, Adkin Hardware (which will come in handy while fixing up.)  It is like the Buy Local Challenge Extreme Home Makeover Addition.  You will be hearing more and seeing the progress as we take on this new family project.  But first I need to introduce you to the newest member of the family, Mary Humphreys.  Or maybe we are part of her family but either way she was was born in this house and lived in till just a few months before her death at age 98!  Our daughter Nellie also seems to share some similar traits of this nature loving woman.   Read more in this Ocean City Today Article.