Yes its true –  Batman, not the DJ from OC but the real caped crusader himself, hates the Steelers. Why else would he blow up their stadium the week that preseason starts?  I’m not one to get into the debate over Steelers vs Ravens… I have more important things to worry about (like the NFC, the real conference of the NFL) but I enjoy watching friends show their colors and get nasty about it all.  Demented and sad, I know.

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In the video below you can see some of the “Gotham” fans waving their terrible towels then cowering in fear. Is this a role that they have been training for all their lives? Six super bowls blah blah.  But for real Who is ready for some overly hyped then ultimately disappointing season. Dont get me wrong, I love the game and will  watch as much as I can stomach……(can you tell i’m a Redskins fan?)