All Chico All the Time – Artist Spotlight

This week our friend Little Chico will be the Featured artist at Baked Dessert Cafe for the Art stroll in Berlin, MD.  This may not be monumental but it is a pretty cool deal.  To have little Chico who home grown artist from snow hill to be showing some of his stuff to a sometimes apprehensive Berlin is one thing. It is another thing for him to be showcased in the former studio of the renowned Pat Henry.  Throw in that Chico has always looked up to Pat as an inspiration, and that pat has recently bought one of Chico’s paintings for his personal collection and its a like a made for tv movie.  Check out His  artist spotlight, the newspaper article and the Podcast with him.

Artist Spotlight

Before 1996, art was my only option and escape from living in a small town with little to no culture. Once I began tattooing at age 17 it opened new doors to my creativity and life in general. I experimented with acrylic paint in the mid 90’s and started painting on a regular basis in 2002.

I try to keep my work looking original by not doing the everyday tattoo/pop art that just about anyone can do. I admire technical art and I aspire to bring more of those aspects into my work in the future.
I find inspiration for art by living my life everyday and by taking in all the emotion, awkward situations, and the general like or dislike of random people.