Girls nights are prevalent…group of girlfriends make an excuse to get together and unwind. Take a unique spin on the typical girls night and combine it with cleaning out your closet, both emotionally and physically, and you have Out with the Old.
Friday night in Ocean City you expect to see lots of people walking riding and driving about town. Not typically do you see a group of ten girls on bikes…wearing old bridesmaid dresses. The idea was brought about as a way of making a resolution to ones self to no longer be negative, or to give up a bad habit. To make it festive, the bridesmaids dresses were a plus! Beginning at the inlet, and making a couple stops for cold beverages at Davey Jones Locker, The Cork Bar and The Bearded Clam, we also enjoyed the amusements on the boardwalk. 10 girls in silly dresses in line for the Haunted House was definitely a memorable part of my night. Once we rode some rides, we gathered our bikes, and walked them up the boardwalk to Guidos Burritos, to wish Marci a very happy birthday, then onto our final destination of checking out some great bands at The Tavern.