I did the podcast yesterday with my partner from the Bayside Gazette which is part of the Ocean City Today newspaper group where my friend Brandi is the editor. I am a non-reader which is a shame, but my people who are writers and such still accept me for who I am.  I even call myself a blogger which is perfect cause it is kinda like writing but with out all the pesky punctuation spelling and grammatical stuffs.  I want people to read my stuff so I should start reading more, I know this, always have just never have been able to stick with it.

August is the time when everyone starts thinking about school and “this year is gonna be different- I’m going to really apply myself.”  Actually, the other night, while I was preparing for one of my moonlighting gigs of DJing, my 17 yr old came and sat at the table with me to talk about her college essays she is preparing. So here I am uploading the newest pop hits to play for half naked college kids while she is writing 3 essays and rereading two books to apply to St Johns College.  If you don’t know St Johns, it the college of the Great Books, basically all they do is read books and discuss them, Yawn.  Yawn?, not really.  For me it is like standing on the outside the Monkey house at the zoo and looking in and saying with appreciation “ I wonder what it is like to be them, so similar but so different”  (expect in this scenario the monkeys are a lot smarter than me and read a lot)  But for Robyn, my 17 yr old,  It is more like I belong in there.  Her veracious appetite for books is astounding and makes me envious.  In that moment when she was telling me all about her essays all the while I was down loading a dub step version Tic Tok it it me all at once – I’m in the monkey house looking out.  and Robyns got the key to the outside world.  I guess ill go fling some poop……after I read a comic.

“In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.” Ann Landers