Dave Grohl is So Close & Yet So Far!

Most of my friends understand my borderline obsession with Dave Grohl…and every summer it seems to come as a surprise when I hear he is in town. Well, he is in Rehoboth Beach, not Ocean City, but still he is local. There was a great article that came out online yesterday about Dave Grohl happening upon the Lower Case Blues performing in Rehoboth, and I have to say that is very cool for our talented local music scene. Of all the famous sightings that happen on the Delmarva, I have to say this is my favorite to hear of every summer. Besides being a huge fan of his music, I love that he and his family continue the tradition of taking the same family vacation that he did while growing up, and visiting Rehoboth Beach, DE.

I have yet to see Dave Grohl perform live, and I have been itching to get tickets when the Foo makes it back to the East Coast later this year. But wouldn’t it be grand if I could actually run into him in person while he is in town? Anyone want to road trip up to Rehoboth Beach?