Missing Out on Our Live Music Scene – Ocean City MD

Summertime is the season in Ocean City/ Berlin where you could see original live music every night of the week. The problem is that those of us who live here are so busy with work that we tend to miss the good nights out. Check out the Event Calendar for full listing, but here is a sneak peek:

The Electric Company
August 3rd – 28th Street Pit n Pub
August 4th – Plim Plaza Pool Bar

The Phantom Limbs
August 5th – 28th Street Pit n Pub
August 6th – The Tavern (Peppers)

Friday Night at Pepper’s Tavern are two bands from out of town, that are sure to be a good time. Check out the Sick Sick Birds and White Tiger and the Bed of Roses. Those of you who call the Tav your home away from home, will understand.

I look forward to getting out soon to catch some live music and get back to taking photos of what I love most!