It may come a surprise to you that one of the founding members of the gang SK4L (Skinny for life) may be saying I need to work out but it is the simple truth that every one needs activity.  June and July contain many of the excesses that we see in Nov and Dec with the overeating and over-drinking.  (the parallels with this Christmas in July really has some weight  – next thing you know Hallmark will get its evil claws in it and make it another obligatory card holiday)  The biggest difference is that you can’t hide behind your bulky winter clothes.  I for one like fit people.  One of the reasons we moved to the beach 13 years ago this month was because of the perceived healthy life style of the inhabitants.  Although if you go to the boardwalk in the middle of summer often you see the opposite end of the spectrum with the non-local inhabitants.  Although I must say the “look” of the boardwalk was different two weeks ago when the Dew Tour was in town – they may have questionable hygiene but the fans and participants of the Dew Tour  are skinny jean approved body type.

Actually just this morning on GMA they were trying to create the debate over recent pictures of Cameron Diaz and if she is too fit. Silly question, why must the news make every thing out to be an extreme and a problem.  Fitness in different  body types looks different.  Cameron Diaz is tall and lean and active so she is going to show more ripped. 

I don’t think there is one perfect body type, I like all body types that outwardly display at least the effort of fitness or at least activity. Not to mention your positive frame of mind when you are fit.  Disclaimer: Over Confidence can be annoying  – Think meat-head at the beach bar that looks unapproachable, but self assured-ness  with charisma can be damn attractive.  Think the Fit beach stand girl that you are happy to give your business too.

If you want see some fine examples of the fit people of summer come to the ABC party at Macky’s tonight.  Where the theme is to wear Anything But Clothes.  Should be interesting.