Buy Local Tuesday – It Has Officially Begun!

August 1st marked the first official day for us participating in the Buy Local Challenge. Now I could have gone to the grocery store before that and stocked up on as much as possible, but I decided it would be good to dive right in. Now the thing about this Buy Local Challenge, is the aim to buy as much as possible from local sources. This is not entirely possible when you have 3 kids to feed everyday as well, but we can get creative! We decided to start off the month with shopping locally to get some of our staples.

First stop was to the Berlin Coffee House where we purchased a half pound of coffee, that will get us through the week. Actually, it may have cost more, but we have actually been using less when we make our french press each morning, as the coffee has so much more flavor than what you would buy in a plastic can, off the shelf in a big box store or large grocery store.

Second stop was across the way to Baked Dessert Cafe. Since it is during the summer, and we are not relying on making 5 sandwiches a day for school and work lunches, getting some delicious locally baked bread is easier. We bought an Italian Round, multi grain loaf and two types of granola. To make it easier for the family, I went home and cut the loaves in half, and froze one half and sliced the other. Such a better loaf of bread.

A break in the shopping for food, we went into Bungalow Love to check out the latest in artisan crafts and jewelry. While in there, found out that they will be participating in the Local Challenge as well, by offering a discount for locals in the month of August!

Last stop on this first round of local shopping, was to Chesapeake Bay Farms, located on rt 50 west. I was planning on getting cheese and butter here, but didn’t realize that they offer so much more! This go round we did just stock up on the cheese and butter, and also bought 50 littleneck clams. For the next trip, I may have to get some of their fresh rockfish, or their own grass fed cuts of beef.

This week has not been without its trials and tribulations…I have to definitely plan more than I used to. I spent all evening yesterday making potato salad and zucchini muffins and bread, to have ample amounts for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Also was a great way to get the kids to eat zucchini!

Lets see what will be the next discovery in this process! Remember, the goal is to purchase as much locally as possible. Think about why we don’t have more options in the local market for things like milk and pasta.