Sun setting on summer? Or the dawn on the second season?

August 1st always to me seems like the start of a new season.  It may seem like it doesn’t make sense but there are some big shifts that seem to take place between July 31st and August first.  Especially when you live in a resort town. Here are some that you may notice if you look for them

1) Service turns terrible – Fatigue and and sobriety has set in for the working college kids around town that now have enough money to coast thru summer or to get pre -drunk , i mean pre-registered for classes.  I give credit to the B team (the euros and stragglers) that fills in, they try hard but are not in mid season form.

2)Back to school talk starts with Surf shops around town preying on the last groups of families coming to the beach – (Dad you would look great in these skater skinny jeans and a ‘com at me bro ‘ shirt?!?!?)

3) Locals find them selves saying  “Holy crap I haven’t seen my friends family and neighbors within two months except in passing while one or all of us is working or headed to work”  its like ships passing in the night except its a well lit and very crowded harbor.

4) August birthdays rock, not really a sign but more of a shameless plug for my own birthday in twelve days

All these signs point to a bright future of the second season right around the corner.  Which is no big secret that it is the BEST time of year, that I know many locals look forward too.  Don’t get me wrong I love tourists, they support this community and area for the summer. And Just when things seem like too much to bear – it changes.  the balance of resort life…… I love it.  See you in September