Burley Oak Brewery Progresses – Berlin, MD

I know everyone is anxious to see Burley Oak Brewery open and serving amazing brews, but it’s not as easy as just opening the doors. These guys have poured their heart & soul into every inch of this place, and you can sense it as soon as you pull up the drive. The art of brewing may be something that Bryan Brushmiller already has done on a small scale, and has done it well. Building a brewery on the other hand takes much more than taste.┬áMy husband always jokes about “2 Guys Framing” when you see a home being built with a small crew. In this day and age of instant gratification, we all expect things to happen right away. These 2 guys (and a small crew of volunteers) are not only doing the brewing, they are building the brewery itself, fielding questions, doing interviews, and hosting tours of the progress. They have come a long way, and the place is looking great.┬áPatience is a virtue, and we should all remember that in due time we will all be sitting around that beautiful bar, enjoying locally brewed ales…(and saisons, porters, IPA)