Who Say’s Skaters Don’t Have Redeeming Qualities?

11 yr old phenom Tom Schaar showing determination

I’m tired of a select few people, who choose not to educate themselves about things outside of their comfort zone. That makes for some incorrect assumptions, across the board. The athletes that are in town competing in the Dew Tour are hardworking, dedicated and full of determination. Skaters, BMX riders and other action sports are full of amazing athletes, you don’t just have to be a baseball player, football player or other “traditional” sport participant to have redeeming qualities. Actually, look at all the corruption, legal issues, crime and cheating that takes place in those so called “traditional” sports. I would much rather my children partake in surf, skate, BMX or Moto X versus the often cut-throat race to be a professional athlete in other realms. So they may not make professional status in the action sports either, but if the are outside, being active and doing something they love, then it is well worth it. The younger generation is in trouble, growing up to be less healthy then previous generations because of the over processed foods, fast food and sedentary activities. Getting outside and cruising down the street on their board or bike trumps that any day. Even better if they want to push themselves a little further to try something new.

Grind for Life at Commotion Down the Ocean

Some great role-models are in town this week, and we should thank them. They have encouraged the younger set to set goals, aim high, sometimes literally if they are on the vert ramp. Others are helping society in other ways.  Grind for Life is in town, promoting their organization started by lifelong skater Mike Rogers, who himself battled cancer and has now set up this organization to provide financial assistance to others battling cancer. Bob Burnquist is not only a lifetime skater, he is also an advocate for organic farming & gardening, and promoting healthy options. He is also a co-founder of the Action Sports Environmental Coalition which promotes adopting sustainable practices.

Keep an open mind. Know that even if action sports are not your thing, don’t judge without educating yourself. No sport is perfect, no athlete is perfect, they are all just trying to do their best.