A Summer Slaughter It Was! – Salisbury MD Roller Girls

Sunday eve was billed to be a hard fought bout between the Salisbury Roller Girls and Wilmington’s Diamond State Roller Girls, and it certainly was.  With a final score of 221 to 42 in favor of the Salisbury Roller Girls, the victory was clear.  But you should know that there is no “Slaughter Rule” in roller derby however the fact that the the Diamond State Girls showed absolutely  no sign of giving up is a testament to the dedication and determination that these girls wear as a badge of honor and is accessorized with ripped stockings and over the top makeup.  These girls bad up and beat the hell out of each other  like roman gladiators playing to the cheers of the crowd. Unlike gladiators, they pause with concern when a competitor from either team falls in agony (Not to mention, they are much better looking).  There were more falls last night with injury time-outs and every one was a wincing blow, but at the end every one was standing and smiling (even through some tears of pain.) No doubt they all leave it out on the track for entertainment of the fans and the sacrifice of the body.