In the past several years I have heard more and more about Roller Derby and its comeback. Around the time when I was getting into pinup photography, I also noticed some of the same gals were doing Roller Derby. Then, there was no roller derby on the eastern shore, only heard about it in the cities, Baltimore to be exact. In 2010 is when we finally had our own team locally, started by Eva Paxton in Salisbury. The Salisbury Rollergirls, made up of team members such as Buster Skull, Felonious Punk, & Wonder Brawl, these ladies vary in age, no one is left behind. Roller Derby seems to be a sisterhood of sorts, an outlet for women of all ages and place in life. Definitely have thought about doing it myself. Even better, come out to see their bout this weekend, July 17th, in Fruitland at Crown Skating Center at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door, children under 8 are FREE. This week, a dollar from each ticket will be donated to Amped Riders.

See photos here.

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