After spending a hot day cooling off in the pool, visiting family, we visited the local ice cream parlor. The Blue Scoop in Selbyville, DE was a pleasant surprise. Obviously it made the kids happy, but the bonus is that they are a locally owned store that also uses locally produced ice cream! The ice cream and sorbet is produced locally at the Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin, DE.  Here is what The Blue Scoop has to say about its products:

“The beauty of the Delaware shore is why many of us spend our vacations here and live here year-round. The unique, one of a kind businesses here are an integral part of the distinctive character of this place.  Consuming locally grown and manufactured food keeps those dollars you spend circulating in our local economy, helping to preserve and strengthen this wonderful community for all of us.  Local food is distinctly more fresh, ripe and flavorful and some studies suggest healthier too with more nutritional value than far-travelled products.  Our ice cream and baked goods come from suppliers right here in Delaware and its neighboring states.  Eating is also a social act. How and what we eat determines to a great extent the use we make of the world we live in and what is to become of it. In an increasingly unsustainable culture, eating locally is a durable solution.”

To read more about what local products The Blus Scoop has to offer, visit their website. You can find them at the intersection of rt 54 and rt 20, in the shopping center where the Harris Teeter is in Selbyville.