This past Friday were the Bath Tub Races in Berlin. In the past these were held during the Village Fair in June, but instead was added to another popular event, the 2nd Friday Art Stroll. This years event seemed to pull people from all over, I could not believe the wonderful crowd that came to our tiny historic town. I am assuming the concept of Bath Tub Races was enough to entice those who may be in the area for a vacation at the beach, and to come out and try something different. Competition was fierce, and the anticipation was building over the past couple weeks about who’s “tub” would be faster and better. Irie Radio, Ocean 98.1 and Barrett Chevrolet were building up the competition for sure.

To explain, the Bath Tub Races involve a “tub” that must hold 2 gallons of water, have steering and some form of braking. You have a rider, and someone to push the said Tub. There were definitely some creative tubs this year, including the Winning “Tub”, of Ayres Creek Adventures, which was actually a kayak. The combined team of Cropper’s Inc & Burley Oak Brewery would definitely have one the Best In Show, complete will running water, into the “Tub” made from a bourbon barrel, bubble bath and all!