Rarely do we get the opportunity to get to OC Wasabi in the summertime, but the kids have been wanting to go to a sushi restaurant so we made the plunge just before July 4th. Never have we had a bad experience at OC Wasabi. Decided to start the meal off with an order of the Rockfish Ponzu, fresh rockfish sashimi served in a ponzu sauce, secretly I was hoping the kids wouldn’t like it so I could have it all to myself. No such luck! They argued over who would have the last bite!

After the last bite was gone, we all chose the rolls we were going to sample. Nellie chose the Salmon Skin, Brodie chose the Shrimp Tempura, and then we also ordered a couple Yellowtail and Spicy Tuna rolls. A must order item for me is the Voodiu roll, avocado, cream cheese, eel, crabstick wrapped in seaweed paper, deep fried and served with sweet & spicy sauce, YUM! 
Clean plate club all around! I was somewhat doubting the Salmon Skin roll, but was pleasantly surprised. The kids tried each one, and enjoyed it all, just as we always do. 
Don’t forget to head to OC Wasabi to try for yourself, located on 33rd Street in Ocean City, and check out their newly expanded bar!