Artist Spotlight on Deborah Rolig

I always wished I could draw, or paint or sculpt, but as the years have gone on I have realized just because I cannot create that way doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and support artist’s who can. There is something so deep in the paintings by Deborah Rolig, that draw me in. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but that is the reason I love her work so much, they make you ponder the reasoning behind the painting.

Please take a look at the Artist Spotlight and take the time to visit the galleries that showcase her works of art. She is a truly talented person.

Artist Spotlight
Deborah Rolig graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 1977 with a Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing. The daughter of a well-known regional artist, Deborah began her formal art training at an early age. After studying at Maryland Institute, Deborah has blended her traditional training with her love of abstract art to create her own unique style.
Her career began in the late 70’s painting murals and working as an Artist in Residence in Prince Georges County Maryland, where she met her husband William. She has been painting and exhibiting her work since then and is represented by several galleries on the eastern shore.
The narrative quality of her paintings combined with the juxtaposition of bits of realism on an abstract field captures a broad audience. “There’s something there for everyone.” The rich textures and many layers of color gives the viewer a sense of the evolution of each painting.
You can find her work here:
Bishop’s Stock Fine Art
202 W Green Street
Snow Hill, MD 21863