Life’s a Journey Not a Destination – Get There on a Skateboard

Today is the day when people all over the world take to the streets in the vein of frivolity with a little wooden toy.  This is not a political statement or a protest it is just the day that the collective conscience of skaters decided would be a day that they claim.  Skateboarders, which can be accused of not having much conscience, but the way I see it is that there is a little skater in all of us.  Everyone searches for that feeling of freedom, gliding down the road, pushing under your own power. Also search for the carefree attitude of embracing a “toy” as your mode of transportation making getting there, wherever there is, the most fun.

It is also it peoples nature to pose, to stunt, to carve, and to air…..skateboarding is the easiest and cheapest available activity to attain those feelings.

 Go Skateboarding  !!


Natalee DeHart

I moved to the Eastern Shore to enjoy a slower pace of life after spending several years working in fast-paced settings. Earning a BA from Towson University and an MA in Education from Loyola University provided me with the drive to progress in many business fields. As the owner of Good Clean Fun Life, an arts and entertainment magazine online, I have had the opportunity to spread good vibes, promote entertainment, artists, and events across the Mid-Atlantic region. GCFL provides me with many opportunities to practice a few of my favorite hobbies: photography, socializing, and blogging. GCFL is now headed in a new and exciting direction, allowing me to grow this into a full time venture in Digital Promotion using Content Strategy and Media Production.