Vacation is Over, But the Fun is Continuing

We go on vacation at the very beginning of the last 11 summers, traveling to another coastal town further south. Hanging out with 40+ other relatives over the course of the week brings a lot of great food, drink and conversation. Spending time in the outdoors, soaking up the sun, watching sunsets over the Sound and spending time with family. While the majority of the time on vacation is relaxing, it also causes some strife….bringing together so many personalities, does not equal 24-7 harmony. None the less, it is something that brings us all closer in the long run.

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, and the official seasonal beginning of summer. We have months of warm recreation-filled days ahead of us, with tons of talented entertainment every night, while living here in Ocean City, MD. Even though our vacation is technically behind us, living here on the shore is like a continual feeling of vacation state of mind. We should remember that people decide to come here, to the area we live in, for their week of vacation every summer. They decide to support our local economy, our local businesses, is something we should all be thankful for.

Here’s to summer, let’s all have a blast!