Come Walk the Red Carpet

Happy Flag Day everybody. If you missed the Ocean City Air Show this weekend, you missed a lot. From a barrel-rolling helicopter to a B-2 Spirit stealth plane flying by, it was a great event enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Am I the only one that fights back the urge to spew out Top Gun lines every time the F-18 Super Hornet whizzed by faster than the speed of sound? Don’t answer that.

If you are still around town head over to Mackys tonight for their red carpet theme party. If you have ever lived vicariously through the people on the covers of US Weekly and Star Magazine, this party is for you. The possibilities are endless – you can dress up however you want to, because in this age of reality TV, literally anyone can be famous. Enter the celebrity world of blinding incessant camera flashes and pretend that a bionic/plastic octogenarian with a microphone is asking who you are wearing and making cracks about your outfit.

If you are not the creative type, you do not have to look far for ideas or inspiration. Wear a suit and carry a smart phone and you’re the latest sexting-scandal-embroiled politico. Dress awkwardly and appear disheveled and intoxicated, and boom! You’re all of a sudden Lindsey Lohan/Nick Nolte/Mischa Barton.

DJ Darth Fader of GCFL fame and JJ and DJ of 93.5 The Beach will be spinning the tunes and judging the costume contest, respectively. As local celebrities in their own right, they are already familiar with red carpet treatment and the highs and pitfalls of fame. Okay not really. But they are both really good looking. So head to Mackys tonight and get your celebrity on.

DJ Darth Fader Ready for the night At Mackys with his Controversial Date