This Is The Remix

I was raised on classic rock by my older brother and sister and those roots run deep,  a child hood friend turned me on to punk and ska and helped me identify and channel that suburban teen angst, the first cassette I bought on my own was Bob Marley a slight departure from the norm (for me) And I wouldn’t appreciate it till later.  Then it happened, I discovered Hip hop on my own. I remember being a kid on a family vacation down in VA beach.  I was probably 13, My older sister and brother left me in the car while they ran into the store the radio was on and they played Aerosmith with Run DMC ‘Walk this Way’.  I was excited and amazed.  My siblings where not as much, after returning to the car while the song was still playing they abruptly disparaged that the sacred Aerosmith would do something so trendy or short sighted. They were wrong.

Over the next couple years I fed on a steady diet of all the above genres of music but mostly Minor Threat, Bestie boys, Ramones and Public Enemy . Keep in mind this was before digital downloads and instant gratification it was patiently developed and all on a mix tape.  It wasn’t till my HS graduation that I owned my first CD – LL Cool J momma said knock you out.  It was then that I realized that I was born with a beat and dancing weather Breakin or moshin was the only instrument that i would ever come close to playin.

I’m setting the record straight …even though we here at GCFL cover mostly live original music, there is a part of me that knows something is missing – Club music. Some current dance and pop tunes get lumped together and discredited as being pointless or without talent.  Here is where where being a music ‘snob’ and a music ‘lover’ differ.  A true lover of music can be critical of types, genres, bands etc… but it is based on a commonly excepted level of standards.  One of those standards it how people react and enjoy it and a good dance party everyone enjoys.  Just like a live rock show, there nothing like seeing it live to connect with the music.  A good dance party will leave your ears ringing, sweaty, and with sore legs cause you are part of the show.  The music may not be live but it is directed to respond to the crowd and if the DJ a takes request can even be interactive.  The funny part is that  I don’t think that dance music translates well over the radio, you gotta be at the party to pick up the vibe and be part of it to let your guard down and act a fool. and In the right setting with the right people any song with a good beat can get everyone going – wedding receptions are a perfect example.

A little bit softer now….a little bit softer now
Macky’s Luau Dance Party