Artist Spotlight on Tres Denk

In February 2005 I decided to get my first “real” tattoo, that you can see in the image to the left. Todd convinced me to go into Independent and talk to someone to get an idea. The day I went in, Tres happened to be the one behind the counter. I didn’t really have much idea as to what I wanted, I just thought at the time that I wanted it to be small. After talking about ideas and things I liked, we decided upon the 4 elements, as the logo that Tres used to have incorporated all and looked rather cool. When he sent me the design that he drew up, I was hooked, It was beautiful all wrapped into a small artistically talented package and I was ready to step forward. Since then, I have collected many more.
Artist Spotlight
Starting in the art realm in high school and into college, including graphic arts, metal arts and even wood shop, Tres realized his true calling to the arts when he walked away from the guys in suit and ties reviewing his portfolio, because who wants to be an artist in a suit and tie?Landing in Ocean City in 1986 for Beach Week and never looking back, he completed a career in the restaurant business, and moved onto printing custom t’s with his company titled Misprint. While screen-printing with Misprint, Tres would show other artists how to print the shirts using their own art, the artists involved would take what they wanted, and then Misprint would sell the rest. Misprint was located on the corner of Talbot and Baltimore in Ocean City, MD. In 1993, Tres began trading t-shirts for tattoos, and was hooked. Tres began an apprenticeship under Matt Amey in 1996 at Independent Tattoo, and has been tattooing full time since 1999. You can also find his work at local art shows, as well as the CD jacket for The Electric Company’s album, Whiskey Tonight.
Tres has drawn inspiration from artists both local and not from the area, including Jeremy Payne of Acme Ink, Scott Herrington, Marc Emond, Dan Norris (who taught Tres how to make money silk screening), Jay Cooper, Martin Le Casse, Filip Leu, Ron Wharton and Matt Amey.