Yes, It happened and it should not be at all surprising but ….it is summer .  Consider this – near 90 degree heat, facebook posts about being woken up by stumbling drunks at all hours of the morning, night time workers posting pics from the beach pissing off the ones stuck in doors,  flip flops with sundresses,and high heals with short shorts –  all the signs indicate that it is here.  I don’t want to sound surprised because it is what we anticipate all spring after sleeping off last Summers hangover during winter.

I gotta say, if last night at Macky’s Bayside is any indication of what the summer has in store,  it is going to be a doozy. It was anticipated to be a relatively quiet night turned into a full on dance party before nights end.  Everyone was pleasant and polite and the Tuesday Nights Theme Party’s are going to be spectacular. Some of the most fun people are joining forces to make sure a good time is had by all, Bryan Aquavella, JJ Roth of 93.5 the Beach and yours truly (aka Darth Fader) will be kicking it off next week with the OC Tourist theme party.  So come out to where life is good on May 31st dressed as your favorite style of tourist whether it be the pennsyl-tucky look, sport the farmers tan or John Candy in Summer Rental. 

Here is the line up for the Summer