Talk about getting out of filter bubbles and finding new markets.  If you were pretty much anywhere on the west side of the train tracks in Berlin on Sunday eve you could hear a party like no other that I had been too..  A clear windy day carried the sound from a rather large PA system set up at an old Farm house that backed up to my house. Still several hundred yards away you could hear crystal clear the Mariachi, Latin music.  As we sat at the Pirate Bar we talked about going over and seeing what all the fuss was about.  So I grabbed a bottle of champagne, thinking it was a wedding that we were crashing, I didn’t want to be crash empty handed,  and walked across the field  with my 17yr old and the lovely Ms Courtney Taylor.

Shout outs at my Latin First Communion

So we rolled up and found the Owner behind the grill cooking up a feast for what turned out to be a celebration for a first communion..  Lots of kids and families and a little salsa dancing too.  So I offered my champagne and in return I got a 40oz of beer.  So we stuck around, danced a little and ate some tamales, what a great time!  I’m sure people may have been complaining about the music but sometimes you just gotta step out of your comfort zone and walk across a field to meet some new great people.