The challenge of the most generous town in America.

My pals Bull Dog and the Dude where talking about the generosity of the Ocean City area.  What started as a conversation about taxing the rich and you cant go to the well too often, some how turned to a discussion and claim that Ocean City is the most giving area.    Again I found myself scrambling to gather my thoughts about their discussion..

I’m working with the Amped Riders which is really just a start up but we have lofty goals.  As we are doing our fundraising campaign we are attempting to do things different, and creative. (ie hosting a public event at a private residence)
All Here are some principals that I try to operate by.

1) Give to local organizations, that betters peoples lives.  ( what? are there organizations that don’t ?……Maybe , think about it)

2) Give to people you know, like, and trust.(them liking you is not required but probably helps)

3) Give to only girl scouts who make their own and buy cookies from which ever girl scout makes the best presentation. – but don’t eat them cause they are really bad for you.

4) Give first to kids organizations then to  animals/teens and lastly to adults . ( Kids without limb automatically go to the top of the list.)

5) Give your time and feel good about it, get involved with an organization that you have a personal connection with and do what ever you can.  As an added bonus if you are involved with one it is easier to say no to others…….but be honest cause karma’s a bitch.

6) can we just cure cancer already I mean really?  Really! – it would make it so much easier for other upstart non profits.

7) Give to people that connect with you and actively  seek out new markets of giving -so as not to go to the well.

8) Give to vets. (veteran’s  not animal doctors – they have to pay their own med school bills)

9) Give to Organizations that have an exit strategy (big organizations end up with big administrative budgets  non profits are businesses – business’s shut there doors all the time)

10) Give to serious organizations run by not so serious people.