Artist Spotlight on Bond & Bentley

Bond & Bentley began in 2005 as a vehicle for long time friends Ray Wroten and Stan Wetters to express their energy through music. The infant stages of the band were basic transformations of Wroten’s acoustic songs to three piece band arrangements. Over several months of honing their material the band (then an acoustic driven 3 piece) played several small venues in the Baltimore metro area.

After 2 years of playing the local bar circuit and the release of their indie debut “Dreams Don’t Pay the Rent” the band recruited the talents of local hip-hop artist Fresh Competition to lend depth to an already solid sound. With a new piece and a new direction B&B began writing new songs including Fresh not only adding vocals but also playing horn, harmonica, keys, and light percussion.

In early 2009 the band began work on their second album “Take 2” featuring a new lineup and a more polished arrangement and writing technique. They have sold thousands of copies of that album since it’s release in July 2009 and have put together a fun high energy live act which is the band’s core selling point.

Although the band has had several growing pains in their young career, they are regarded as one of the hardest working bands around. In Late 2011 B&B release their first download only album “Airwaves”, a collection of live performances as well as radio interviews and acoustic tracks. The team has tirelessly played 175 shows a year since 2009 in east coast venues as far south as Ft. Myers Florida to as far north as the Canadian border. Bond & Bentley is poised to break onto the national music scene with their inexhaustible work ethic and soul stirring melodies.