Ok so its mothers day on Sunday and I have no idea what to do for my Mom and the mother of my kids or all the other Mothers out there.  For being a sentimental guy I’m pretty bad at doing stuff for the important people in my life.   I don’t do flowers …….its a long story but it starts with Natalee getting 5 dozen roses from her prom date in high school.  I mean who does that ??!?  Way to blow it for any future boyfriends let alone cash strapped fathers of children.  Then this year I forgot my moms birthday.  I know Im a terrible son, but in my defense facebook didnt tell me it was her birthday so its kinda their fault right?…….[i can feel the disappointed looks from more people who are reading this]  Then there was the time I drew a Bloody Valentine for Nat.  I thought it was going to be funny in a twisted way.  Turns out it was just twisted.   

So once again this year I have big ideas to do something great for the important woman in my life and I will inevitability fall short.  But I assure you my love and gratitude for what you all have done is rock solid even if the idea to send you away to the island for the weekend is flaky.  I love moms.