I’ve had the opportunity on two occasions to speak to Salisbury University Students in a Media Class. This past Tuesdays’ class was writing for media. Hilarious I know, the thought that 1) I would be teaching a class and 2) that said class would be about writing. My brother in law, now getting his doctorate in english I’m sure is rolling his eyes. My high school friends, that went onto Ivy League schools (after getting 800s on there SAT English portion ) are shaking their head as they read this. My friends who are real life Editors and Journalists of real life publications probably just threw up a little in their mouth. My parents, however, are beaming with joy at the thought. They always thought I would make a great teacher.

The fun part was that my friend, Wes Davis who’s class it was, had asked me to come in, offered it to me to do solo. I was un-phased and said yes. It was fun, I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy or at least dont have a problem with speaking, How that necessarily qualifies me to discuss writing for media, I’m not sure? I am always discussing with friends the importance of blogging which is Journalistic writing (the same as John Stewart is the news) Blogging is good for business no matter what you are doing and it is good for managing your personal reputation. In the future, brands and products are going to be more and more defined by personality. Social as it is, media is still not good unless your interesting or can connect in a unique way. Therefore it is important to develop your voice.

hey! quit screwin around on the internet and ……oh never mind…. continue

Im very proud of the folks that have contributed to this site, especially in the last couple months as we challenged ourselves to post daily and we have kept up with surprising ease. The challenge now is to continue the depth and individuality of each post as well as frequency. In developing our voice by writing more and reading more, I’m becoming the student I never was back in my younger days. But still find my self in front of a dozen or so college kids having a meaningful discussion….Apart from the disheveled kid that came in a half/hour late and the girl playing solitaire.

Future Interns, artist spotlights and production team members? Stay Tuned