Accepting the Challenge to Buy & Eat Local – How to Begin?

Last week in the Ocean City Todaywas an article featuring two local businesses that grow & produce locally, as well as utilize local ingredients. These businesses are offering a challenge to the local public for the month of August to eat & buy locally. We at GCFL have decided to accept that challenge.

The Good Farm has been supplying local restaurants with produce, eggs & poultry grown in Berlin. Burley Oak Brewery, currently under construction but still home brewing to get the craft beers just right for public consumption, uses local crops as well for brewing. These businesses are the root of our inspiration to take the plunge and challenge ourselves with buying local.
Since talking about this around the house, we have realized there will be a lot of planning to eat as much locally grown and produced food as possible. This is good, because we have until August to get full on into this. I figured this would also be a great vehicle to document the struggle, get the ideas and recipes out there as well as to feature local businesses that also take part and can help in accomplishing this challenge.
So now, I challenge you to join us, and send us your sustainable and local ideas that we can share, to succeed in this challenge.
Local Food and Local Farms