With quite a lot of patriotism flying around today I thought it was only approprate to show the depth and breadth of what we have as Americans.

Saturday was quite a busy day , and quickly could have ended up like a plot from Three’s Company if we had mixed up our attire with the events that were going on. I’m sure it would have not been a big deal if I accidentally wore my plaid pants to the Street Party at Loaded Gun Customs, I might get hassled but it would have been really bad if Nat showed up to the Jazz and Blues fundraiser at Merry Sherwood, with the International Bikini Team.

Black Birds from Baltimore At LGC

UMES Jazz Ensemble
Old Couple


Well it all worked out, Natalee even snuck a shoot in with the very talented Trevor Dunt of thirtyninthst.net

Trevor Dunt

Also thanks to Submission by Thomas Melville

When the National team is not enough you gotta go with the INTERnational Bikini team