Artist Spotlight on Martin Henson

Ok… So I know this was only a week ago but shortly after posting a link to the artist spotlight for Martin Henson, he lost a good friend, Gerard. It was bad timing for sure but I want you to go back and check out Martin and his Artist Spotlight interview

Q: What is your name ?
A: Martin HensonQ; What is your most valued procession ?
A: The ability to love and see things from the other persons perspective, My hearing, and My IPhoneQ:You put Iphone up there with love?; and why hearing??
A: Well not to be all Michael Jackson but love is the most important thing. What else is there really. There might not be a god but there is love. Maybe God is love ?  My Iphone lets me hide but not disappear, plus it plays music which leads me right into hearing. I love music.Q What kind of music.
A: Well I get obsessed with an artist it could be anybody. It usually lasts about 3-6 months, and then they are in my gigantic mental ipod. I don’t discriminate. Roscoe Holcomb, Jay Z, Sonic Youth, currently it’s that Arcade Fire. I have been listening to them for like 7 or 8 months everyday over and over.

Yes, it’s great fun to live with me. Imagine the joy of hearing the Black album 3 times a day for a month.

Then I’ll want to Hear only Hank Williams, for a month.
“There is a tear in my bear” Oh what a song

Then The Stupid Stupid Black eyed Peas, how dare them make such a good song like boom boom pow. I Love Fergie She would be my alternate reality wife, but she would not be famous, and she would weigh a bit more, but i would love her.

Or Bjork, can you imagine living with her, and having her sing little nothings around the house.


Q: Crabcakes ?
A Fuck yeah, top of the Mountain. Best spot… IDK those little places with gravel parking lots on the Eastern shore of Maryland. So flipping good. A crabcake on a saltine. Forget About it.

Q: Guinness Stout ?
A: Technically I think you could live on it. I have some every day. I am totally fine with the extra 8 pounds or so of guinesss that I keep stored in my belly. The weight looks good on me.  I bet if I stopped drinking guinnesss I would loose my mind. Shit’s magic.

A: They will totally kill you. Don’t do it kids.

Q: How do you like NYC nightlife Bars Clubs ETC ?
A: I don’t really go out anymore in the traditional sense. I mean I see shows, but ironically i find bars REALLY boring. But I love taking pictures of other people enjoying themselves. I love being out at 3-4 AM alone sober on a weekend. I mean Ill have a beer smoke some weed maybe, but being out sober ….. the things people are doing. I have seen people having sex on the corner! Girl bent over dude right there. Regular sophisticated college educated White People ! I love the bizarre, as much as I love the boring.

I am very good with the details. I know if anyone changes there story.
It’s like I am a fact robot.

Q:Rules ?
A: NEVER leave the house without a camera.

Q: Favorite Quote ?
A: “What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.” — Muhammad Ali

A: I’d rather my kid be a stoner than a drunk. I hope he or she becomes a Veterinarian. If I were smart like book smart I would of done that.

Q: What is your favorite subject matter:
The mundane. The obvious.

Q:Can you elaborate?
Well it’s like this Annie Leibowitz puts Whoopi Goldberg in a bathtub of milk
and takes a portrait. In my opinion anyone can do that. If you take a picture of a brick or some old gum or some boring shit and make it interesting thats the kinda thing that gets my juices flowing. I love composition. Annie Leibowitz refused to let me take a picture with her at Shakespeare in the park . I asked nicely. I guess I got grudge against her

Composition goes a long way in my world.

Q:Amazing art in NYC:
Claude Monet’s gigantic Water Lilies at The MoMA those paintings are magical.
He made them late in life in the country side. The way you kinda get lost in them the sky reflecting on the water, so delicate the colors the attention to detail.
Oil paint is so hard. Amazing shit.

A: My secret lover. Ill watch anything except serious shows, and again I can watch the exact same episode over and over.

Q: Name your current top 5 TV shows :

1. Pawn Stars
2. Anthony Bordaine, No Reservations
3. The Office
4. CBS Sunday Morning show.
5 Meet the Gregory (Meat the Press) The Russet years were so much better though
6 The McGlaughlin Group. Soon as that theme song starts I get pumped up!
7 Antiques Road Show
8. Rob Deedricks Fantasy Factory  that dude is so positive and pumped up.
9. 30 Rock
10 Good Times
11 NBC Nightly news ( because it is ridiculous ) I like that Brian Williams

I can’t watch shows where people are fighting like Jersey Shore.

Q: That was 11 shows and I asked for 5
A: That is how much I love TV

Q: Are you married
A; No my associate (my pet name for my girlfriend) keeps me grounded. I am very bad at running my life. If it was not for her. I would eat Pizza and live in a box. I am not even slightly kidding She saved my life. She makes sure that the gas bill gets payed. I am getting better at “being grown up” but I am intuitively bad at it. Funny side note is that she does not want to go to  heaven.

Q: If you don’t mind why ?
A: She does not want to be ‘trapped up there’, ‘wearing white’. I think that is so neat.
She is Japanese and has an amazing perspective on things. Always surprises me. I can not believe that she can stand me.

Q Why, you seem like such a nice person?
A: I don’t want to go out, and when I do oh Lord I am taking pictures of crap every three seconds. I am really a homebody. I am clumsy, I am always talking. I don’t know how she stands it. Plus I like to be left alone A LOT. I would drive me crazy.

Q: What artist inspire you ?
A: The people of ( _________ insert wherever I am now in blank space).

Q: Where are you from ?
A: Columbia MD. I love Maryland. In my heart I live In Baltimore in a row house down by Fells Point, and have a little spot on the Eastern Shore, with a freezer of chicken necks, and a garage with crab traps.

Q: We did not really discuss you’r work.
A: If you want to know about my work you’ll have to interview it. I try my best to make every image self contained.

Q: Sports.
A: Not really, been skating for over 20 years but I still suck. I can’t believe that I never got good. I love it though. I ride a Hoshoi Hammer Head Purple that my friend of 30 years Erik got me a few years ago when I was broke. That skateboard restarted my engine at a real low point. I could never thank Erik enough that is my Caucasian right there. I love that man.  SKATING IS NOT A SPORT. I bombed big Nell out in Cali and it was like being born again. (you can see big Nell in Dogtown and Z boys) I bombed her Eagle Style Hands above my head. Very proud of that

Did I mention my girlfriend. I should mention her. oh yeah and please go to my website, I made these pictures for you.

Love M