With the great weather of the spring time comes the rumbling of folks of all walks of life rolling out motorcycles.  They do it  to enjoy the feeling of riding with the wind in your face and being one with a machine and one with the open road….   Problem is the streets can still be crowded with people hurrying to get from one place to another with distractions to keeping eyes and attention away from the road.  The popularity of motorcycles is undeniable and from celebrities like Brad Pitt and former pro-skaters like Jason Lee, everyone knows some one who has a bike.  So with stories in the national headlines about a biker being the victim of a hit in run on a high way to a biker getting clipped on rt50 in Berlin  to losing a local just last week, I just have to say take the proper safety precautions and share the road.

While you are sharing the road be sure to check out our dear friends up at Loaded Gun Customs in Selbyville DE.  This weekend they will be hosting their  Spring Rendezvous (which is French for “Eff winter”).  These guys have gotten national and international acclaim for their Cafe Racers, in part through The Discovery Channel Show  – Cafe racer TV.  All the while they have stayed true to there roots and if anything focused even more on quality builds of an ever expanding who’s who client base.

Check out this video that was made in part to intice a certain A list actor  – that has a love of colecting bikes and children from other countries