I love cars, always have. My first car, at 16 was my dad’s 10 year old BMW 320i manual with sunroof and Blaupunkt stereo…Wow I loved that car. My mom taught me to drive 5 speed around Crofton just before my senior year at Arundel High School. That was my car for a couple years, until I moved off campus at Towson and my parents thought it would be a “target”…saddest and most regrettable moment of my life was not fighting to keep that old car. The image here is what it looked like, but in a gold paint…awesome

The first new car that I bought myself was a Jeep Wrangler, my second favorite vehicle, which also is no longer with us due to the fact that it was not the best for infant seats when Nellie was born. Since then we have decided to stick with a car and drive it into the ground, we have had the same crossover vehicle for over 7 years, and honestly I am ready for a new car! But, due to the financial constraints that will have to wait. Instead I will just read about all the cool new cars to come out, and look back at some great classics and dream big.
This brings me to the new 2012 Volkswagon Beetle. Newly
redesigned and rather sassy looking, if it has a bigger backseat I would buy it in a heartbeat! Volkswagon has a great blog for their cars stories, if you are a fan check it out here. Beautiful design and shape, less cartoony than the last. The best is that there is a chance you can win this car! The PJ Aldridge Foundation is raffling off all of Oprah’s Favorite Things, including this car. For information about PJAF and the Raffle click here… Best of luck and happy driving!